Meet Hushable

Hushable – Your baby’s best friend.


High quality

Hushable was made of the highest quality soft plush, so that the stuffed toy is extremely pleasant and delicate to the touch. The material used to make Hushable is certified by OEKO-TEX and is completely safe for children from the first moments of life.


Closed pouch

Each stuffed toy has a prepared pouch for the white noise device. The pouch opens and closes with a slider and device remains safely hidden from baby.


Polish production

Our stuffed toys have been designed and sewn in Poland with careful attention to every little detail.



The white noise device is not permanently installed, so Szeptuś can serve the child not only at the beginning of its life, but also be a favorite lovey in the next years.


From the first moments of life

Hushable was created to help baby adapt to new conditions in the first months of life. The white noise produced by the device hidden inside the stuffed toy is similar to the sounds heard during prenatal life, which gives the Baby a sense of security and calm.

The whisper magic hidden in our device


Four types of noise

The device emits four types of white noise (heartbeat, falling rain, hair dryer and TV static), which helps calm the baby to sleep peacefully.


Different volume levels

Thanks to the possibility of choosing the sound intensity, parents can adapt it to the needs of the baby and the conditions prevailing in its environment.


Automatic switch off

Hushable’s heart has been designed to automatically switch off after 30 minutes of starting the baby’s favorite noise


Simple usage

The device is operated with a single button, which, apart from the basic function of enabling / disabling, also allows you to change the type of noise and adjust its volume.